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Who is Natalie Hof?
In spite of the fact that she is yet to win a Worldwide championship of Poker arm band or a World Poker Visit title, Natalie Hof is as yet an expert poker player by her own doing. The youthful 32 years of age poker expert has been around for some time and she is well known in the realm of poker. In this article, we will take a gander at the life and poker exploit of the schooling scholar, poker player, and German moderator. We will take a gander at how far she has come in this lucrative local area, known as the poker local area. We will likewise investigate the early existence of Natalie Hof, her own life, poker profession, and other non-poker exercises she is participated in. We guarantee you that it will to be sure be an extraordinary perused and you can be have confidence that you will gain several things from her vocation as an expert poker player.

Early Existence of Natalie Hof
A local of Ostfriesland, Natalie Hof was brought into the world on the fifteenth of February, 1986. She is both an expert poker player and a German moderator. At the point when Hof was a youngster, she needed to be everyone. She was unable to choose precisely exact thing she might want to be the point at which she grows up. All she knew was that she will become somebody throughout everyday life and have cash while at it. She enlisted at the College of Osnabruck where she graduated with an Unhitched male of Schooling and Religious philosophy. She graduated with a last grade of 1.9. At the point when gotten some information about her justification for taking up a Schooling and Religious philosophy course, her straightforward response was that she has not a great explanation for picking the course.

Eventually, she needed to be a vet yet for somebody who could do without examining, this was an off limits region for her. We get it was only a living in fantasy land. At the point when Hof completed secondary school, she simply needed to additional her schooling and review and when she went over Instruction and Philosophy, she felt that the name ‘sounds pleasant’ and it appears to be tomfoolery and like ‘gatherings and wild evenings’, so she chose to pull out all the stops. She graduated with exceptionally horrible score in light of the fact that as per her, she was extremely apathetic while in school. She could have done without the learning stuff and was not associated with the instructive part of life. Natalie felt learning was excessively extreme and didn’t actually have the heart for it. While in school, she was approached to pick between Instructive Science, Religious philosophy, or Math. She felt Philosophy was quite simple, so she enrolled for Philosophy and Schooling Science. Tragically, she actually found it hard to effectively go through the review and finish. Hof would have exited school prior however she is a finisher so she stayed with it until she at last graduated.

Aside from playing poker and being a television have, she is likewise an instructive scholar by capability. She accepts that life is very brilliant and limiting yourself to anything is somewhat exhausting. As per her, being training scholar doesn’t mean she is an educator, rather her capability offers her the chance to work like a social specialist where she can help kids that are disapproving of their loved ones. In her bid to view as significance and reason throughout everyday life, she has coincidentally found two or three vocation ways until she at long last given her hands a shot poker. Natalie Hof was basically living ordinarily as it comes until she turned 30 when she believed she expected to quit fooling around with her life. As per her, in spite of the fact that she is as yet playing poker and effectively engaged with her vocation as a television have, she is hoping to investigate different areas of profession. She accepts she would most likely be investigating a vocation as a specialist. She is of the assessment that she is great with individuals and she might want to ‘encourage individuals’. In two or three years, we ought not be shocked assuming we see Natalie Hof filling in as a specialist, similar to a holistic mentor, a day to day existence coach, or some other vocation way that has to do with working with individuals and helping them have a positive outlook on themselves.

Natalie Hof Poker Vocation
Everybody in the poker local area ought to be know about Natalie Hof. She has been the German television moderator for the European Poker Visit (EPT) since the eighth time of the show. Her most memorable contact with poker was in 2005 when she played her most memorable poker with her dearest companion. She showed up at a live competition on her nineteenth birthday celebration. In 2006, she figured out how to play Chinese Poker and found Hold’em poker came. She became hopelessly enamored with the game and played at a live competition where she came to the last table. Hof has consistently played No Restriction Hold’Em since she began in the business. She started playing serious poker in 2007 while she was currently at the college in Osnabruck, German, where she concentrated on schooling sciences and religious philosophy. Before she came to the place of a television moderator for the European Poker Visit, Natalie Hof was just playing poker. She was more intrigued by the game then, at that point, than whatever else. She had a major friend network who she played poker with. Then, she was playing cash games in Groningen, Osnabruck, and Bremen.

Going by the epithets 888NatalieH, HaveUMetNat, and Natalie Hof, this youthful expert poker player has been engaged with two or three live competitions since her presentation in the realm of poker. In spite of the fact that she has not procured huge number of dollars in live competitions, she has made several rewards cutting-edge and it is accepted that it is inevitable before she begins rounding up the large numbers. Her most elevated prize cash in live poker competition was $23,595 and her all out prize cash was $79,874. She has made one-cash finish in Worldwide championship of Poker. She is yet to get any arm band in Worldwide championship of Poker or a title from World Poker Visit. In any case, she has made two distinct rewards at the Headliner of the European Poker Visit.

One significant justification for why Natalie Hof probably won’t have had extraordinary possibilities at the Worldwide championship of Poker and World Poker Visit could be on the grounds that she invested a great deal of her energy before the camera, facilitating the European Poker Visit. She just plays poker during her personal time. Exceptional, her greatest money game came when she completed at the 39th situation in the European Poker Visit Berlin Headliner and won a sum of €18,000. After a month, she likewise took part in the €300 No Restriction Hold’ Em Super Side Occasion at the PokerStars and Monte Carlo Gambling club European Poker Visit Terrific Last. She put fourth at this occasion and made a triumphant of €3,180. She has likewise played two or three internet based poker games. These incorporate $2,000 USD cash during a $11USD Deepstack.

She additionally made cash winning of $5,000 USD at the huge $109 USD web based game on PokerStars. As indicated by Natalie Hof, since she began playing poker as an expert player, she has longed for turning into an individual from the Group PokerStars. Fortunately, her fantasy has turned into a reality. She is a moderator and furthermore a representative of PokerStars at poker tables. She is certainly anticipating play at many significant occasions and travel everywhere. At the point when gotten some information about her assumption in the poker world, she said she doesn’t have a particular assumption yet not entirely settled to put forth a valiant effort and endeavor to get a title that each expert poker longs for. She trusts that by doing what she does, she is motivating different ladies and empowering them to engage in the realm of poker.

In the year 2011, Natalie Hof partook in a projecting show, named Das Ass. This show was supported by PokerStars and during the occasion; Natalie showed her poker ability at the table and came to the last table, taking the place of a next in line. It was at this period that her vocation in Network program started. Natalie Hof is a lovely and amiable individual, and she is likewise great in the round of poker. She is additionally exceptionally familiar with each German player and she has some of them that she gazes upward to. Hof facilitated the WCOOP Public broadcasts for Germany, in the city of Edinburgh. Natalie has made considerable progress in her poker vocation since she strolled into the scene in 2007. She was one of the representatives of PokerStars and she was extremely amped up for this. With an abundance of poker experience and a solid run at the European Poker Visit Berlin, Hof has a mix of areas of strength for an and gaming expertise that makes her an awe-inspiring phenomenon at poker tables.

At the point when she took up the projecting show that was communicated by ProSieben PokerStars Poker Ass, she positioned second to Jens Knossalla and during this period in her profession, she acquired areas of strength for a locally. She announced for the Television slot, Sports1 of the EPT (European Poker Visit) as well as the Big showdown of Online Poker. She has been directing for the poker program, German Hot shot, till this day.

Natalie Hof showed up at an occasion of Aha Poker Visit in Czech Republic, Rozvadov, and came to the last table. She completed at the second spot in Spring of 2013 and won the triumphant award cash of over €12,000. Up to this point, her greatest winning was at the European Poker Visit Headliner that occurred in Berlin. She came to the 39th spot and left with the award cash of €18,000. She was enlisted into the scandalous Group PokerStars on the first of October, 2013 as a Companion of By the seventeenth of December, 2013, Natalie was seen directing as the replacement of Jessica Kastrop. She directed with Michael Korner multiple times of the initially organized occasion by Stefan Raaab television all out Night. This was a transformation of the 2016 The Enormous ProSieben Night.

In Spring of 2014, Natalie Hof won the European Poker Visit (EPT) Ladies’ Occasion at Vienna. She made a triumphant of near €5,500 in prize cash for her triumph at the live competition. She made it again to the European Poker Visit Headliner in the August of 2015 at Barcelona. She completed in the 139th spot. In 2015, she additionally partook in the famous poker program labeled ‘The PokerStars Shark Enclosure where sh






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