Slot Overview of Coba Coba

Coba is a cluster-paying slot game designed by ELK Studios and based on a Central American theme that has prominent snake and jungle imagery. We can almost hear the sighs of the jaded readers in the audience as they realize that it is “another day, another one of these slots,” but please stick with us. Though ELK has adorned Coba with some rather standard fare, they have also developed a number of cutting-edge additions that make for an unforgettable adventure. Let’s take a peek if you’re prepared to swat insects, wipe perspiration from your brow, or do anything else you do when hiking through dense vegetation.

Coba is an aesthetically and sonically remarkable game, so first impressions matter. There are sculptures, plants, and creepers in the foreground, while a pyramid can be seen in the backdrop. Coba is the name of a real Mayan city, and ELK has created a sleek interpretation of it. It may be found in the state of Quintana Roo on the Yucatán Peninsula. The music is perfectly suited to the action, switching between the type of Mayan-style drum beat rhythms you’d anticipate and the kind of synthesizer-driven mania you’d hear during a large win count up. If you judged Coba’s work just on its cover, you’d have great hopes for its contents.

Coba is played on a 7×7 game grid and wins are awarded for linking five or more identical symbols. The Avalanche function wipes off winning clusters, allowing symbols to cascade down and fill in the voids. If another cluster is formed, the procedure is repeated. The total return to player (RTP) is 95.0%, while the frequency of winning has been measured at 38.9%. Coba is a mobile, tablet, and desktop game with medium/high volatility with betting limits of 20 percent to 100 pounds or euros each paid drop.

Green, blue, and brown tokens make up the lower value symbols, with rewards ranging from 0.1-0.15x the wager for five of a kind to 4-10x the bet for clusters of 15 or more. A group of five green jewels, blue gems, red gems, or golden skulls will return 0.3-1x the wager, while a group of 15 or more will return 15-500x the investment.

Slot Functions in Coba

Here’s when the snakes enter the picture. When a winning cluster appears, the points are added to the 4-tiered Snake Meter. When a player reaches level 1, level 2, level 3, or level 4, the game is over and 1, 2, 3, or 6 snakes are released onto the game grid, respectively.


A snake cluster moves along the grid in preparation for a victory evaluation, much like a walking cluster. A snake must be at least 5 symbols in length to form a winning cluster on its own or as part of a larger one. Snakes are represented by a specific class of signs. They gain size and power as they consume identical symbols on the reels, allowing them to form more powerful winning clusters. A snake will die and be taken out of the game after the victory evaluation if it consumes a symbol of a different type. Like in the mobile game Snake, a snake will likewise perish if it crosses its own body.

Expanding Wilds

In the event that 2 snakes cross each other’s bodies, the location where they met will turn into a wild symbol with a multiplier of x2. If another snake crosses a multiplier wild, the multiplier will increase by a factor of two. The values of each multiplier wild in a cluster are multiplied by the number of multipliers present in the cluster.


Users may choose from five different game modes in Coba via the X-iter feature purchase menu.

When the Snake Meter reaches Levels 1 and 2, players can pray to Quetzalcoatl for an additional cost of 2x their stake in exchange for the release of 3 snakes.

With 1 snake active, the initial stake is multiplied by 10 at Level 1.

Longer Boa Constrictor snakes need a Level 1 bet of 25 times the normal amount.

Quetzalcoatl: a first-level bet multiplied by 100. Three snakes are released at levels 1 and 2.

When you reach Level 4, you can unleash six snakes and shout “Coba!” for 500x.

Judgment of the Coba Slot

There are recurring motifs in the world of online slot machines that arise with predictable frequency. Central American pre-Columbian civilizations are one such topic. Studios keep returning to this material because it is popular with developers and, presumably, many players. Overkill is a possible outcome. In other cases, though, we’re fine with developers recycling ideas if it means we get games like Coba. Using the Mayan setting as inspiration, ELK has created a game that is remarkable in almost every respect. The visuals and audio are top-notch, and while the subject matter may be familiar, the gameplay is refreshingly novel. Coba is a slot drenched in jungle perspiration that wraps its tendrils around you and then proceeds to suck you in, exemplifying ELK’s skill at building immersive game environments.

As with Bompers, Cygnus, and Io, Coba is an example of ELK taking risks and developing innovative ideas. Coba doesn’t push the envelope quite as much as Night Trax, but it does have some of the same daring experimentalism. Also, there are snakes, and there probably aren’t too many situations in which you’d rather have more snakes than fewer. Like in Snake Arena, but with a focus on establishing cluster wins or multiplier wilds while the snakes are still alive. When they do meet, it’s a bonus since it creates wilds that multiply wins by a certain amount. Coba is one of ELK’s highest paying slots, with a maximum payout of 25,000x the wager even in the absence of a dedicated bonus round. Whatever it is in Coba that can produce those kinds of figures would be incredible to see.

Coba is impressive even when not operating at maximum capacity. The conception is fantastic, the execution is first-rate, and there’s a novel concept to master; nonetheless, the RTP might be better. Although Central America is a fairly standard setting for slot games, Coba does an excellent job of transporting players there.






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